Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Mystic Enforcer

Mystic Enforcer
A 3/3 pro-black for 4? Pretty good, albeit maybe a little overcosted. A 6/6 Flying pro-black for 4? Umm… Hi baby Akroma, Angel of Wrath! Seriously, the fact that this card can easily be a baby Akroma is ridiculous! Threshold is one of my all-time favourite mechanics and I’m really hoping that it comes back soon and this is a perfect example of why. A 3/3 pro-black is probably not going to be a huge for your opponent (unless they’re playing mono-black), so there’s no real incentive to pay attention to it. However, if they don’t pay attention to it, then it becomes a much bigger problem in a couple turns. Even if they’re dealing with your other problems (like a Mirran Crusader for example), they run the risk of turning this card into a bigger problem because they are adding cards to your graveyard. However, therein lays this cards biggest problem: it’s going to be dealt with. If you drop this without having 7+ cards in your yard, you’re probably not going to have this for very long. Still, worth thinking about if you’re looking for a baby Akroma in Selesnya colours.

Pros: Can be baby Akroma
Cons: Requires large graveyard

Rating: 4/5

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