Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Sword of the Paruns

Sword of the Paruns
Tap/untap abilities can really lead to degenerate combos and this card is no exception. Besides being able to do stupid combos like get infinite mana out of a Gaea’s Cradle (if you do it right), the combat buff that it gives is also nice. Having a combat trick that doesn’t involve the creature being in combat allows for a lot more options since you can equip this to a weaker creature and still have its effect. However, this card is kind of expensive to use but given the fact that it’s colourless, that’s pretty much a requirement. I personally prefer cards like Freed from the Real or the infamous Pemmin’s Aura for my combos. Still, it is not a bad choice if you don’t have any blue in your deck.

Pros: Enables degenerate combos, combat trick, colourless
Cons: Expensive to use repeatedly

Rating: 4/5

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