Monday, 22 April 2013

1 Year Anniversary Special

Holy crap! I've been doing this for over a year?! Damn, it sure doesn't feel like it. A year ago, I started this blog both as a way to keep myself from being bored as I was about to leave for a tiny town in BC for a summer job and because Rishadan Port sucks. I honestly thought that I'd forget about this after around a month or so and I'd get bored with it, but I didn't. So, in honour of this landmark, I'll give you a very special review: the worst card in Magic: Razor Boomerang.
Razor Boomerang
Look at it. Soak it in. Feel the terribleness coming off of this card. 5 mana for 1 damage. Five mana for one damage. Hell, even Ember Shot has a better damage-to-cost ratio! Nothing about this card works, not even the art. Franz Vohwinkel has done a lot of great art (my favourites include Darigaaz's CalderaEtherium-Horn Sorcerer, and Time Sieve) but this art just looks terrible. The boomerang itself looks like it's been pasted from another picture and the minotaur (it could be a cow, I'm not sure) looks more sleepy than surprised. There are no uses for this card. Even if there were, Viridian Longbow exists so you have no reason to run it. Cards like Sorrow's Path have at least one combo they can work with (Stuffy Doll + Pariah in Sorrow's Path's case) but this has none. I doubt WotC could make a worse card without actively trying to do so.

Pros: None. There is nothing nice I can say about this card.
Cons: Its very existence
Rating: 0/5 (although putting this on the same level as Wirecat is insulting to Wirecat)

Thanks to everyone for sticking around for an entire year. So far, I've reviewed around 1.5% of all Magic card (although, that figure doesn't count the review of vanillas that I did, so I estimate I'm closer to 5%). Guess that means the job's not done yet and I have to stick around for at least another year....

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