Monday, 29 April 2013

Artist: Quinton Hoover

Last week, Magic lost one of its great artists. Quinton Hoover lost his battle with a series of long-time health problems and died at the age of 49. It would be amiss of me not to look at some of his art.

Firebrand Ranger
Quinton definitely had a very "old-school" style to his work. There's a certain sharpness to everything but it's not so sharp that it clashes with everything else. In Firebrand Ranger, you can see how Quinton made the colours of the cards (red and green) very vibrant and it adds to the crispness of the card.

This is probably Quinton's second most famous piece of Magic artwork. Unlike the 7th Edition version by David Martin, the Meekstone isn't the centre focus of the art. The art tells a story and paints a picture (pardon the pun) of the Meekstone's power and what is can reduce a man to.

Wrath of God
Finally, we have what is arguably Quinton's most famous piece of Magic art: Wrath of God.  While Kev Walker's version is nice, this art, like Meekstone's, tells a story. It shows the omni-directional destruction of a vengeful god, striking down both the good and the bad. It's just a beautiful piece.

In the words of Tragic Poet:"I would weep, but my tears have been stolen; I would shout, but my voice has been taken. Thus, I write."

We'll miss you Quinton.

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