Monday, 17 December 2012


Sarkhan VolSarkhan the Mad
This guy likes dragons. Can't you tell? If you can't, HE FRAKING LOVES DRAGONS!

Sarkhan Vol aka "Sane Sarkhan"
Why is this card's +1 really, really powerful? Seriously, what colours like haste? Red and green. What colours like being bigger? Red and green. The -2 is also fairly nice since there's nothing sweeter than beating someone down with their own creatures. The ult is weird since you'll probably have won by that point because you've been beating your opponent with big creatures. In multiplayer games it's good I guess. As for it's cost, I'll just say this: Fires of Yavimaya costs one less. Need I say more?

Pros: +1 and -2 are really good
Cons: Ult is only really good in multiplayer
Rating: 5/5

This card kind of confuses me. The 0 is good since it's extra card draw in black/red, although you'll probably kill Sarkhan unless you only have cheap things (what not run Dark Confidant instead?). The -2 is a sacrifice kill instead of a "destroy" effect, but you still give that opponent a 5/5 dragon (unless you kill your own gribbly). The -4 is odd because you've probably already won the game at the point when you'll use it. Again, I guess it works in multiplayer in order to kill 2 players. Cost is a little high in my opinion since you can't recharge it. Maybe 1BBR?

Pros: Sac kill outlet, B/R card draw, dual player kill
Cons: Gives out dragons, -4 only really works in multiplayer, a smidge expensive
Rating: 3.5/5

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