Friday, 14 December 2012


Elspeth, Knight-ErrantElspeth Tirel

Ah, Elspeth. Originally from... somewhere and now fighting on Mirrodin, she was the first planeswalker to have 2 "plus" abilities and is the only planeswalker who can activate their ult on their second turn without dying (Garruk RelentlessSharkan the Mad, and Gideon Jura don't count because they have no real ults).

Elspeth, Knight-Errant aka "Elspeth, the First Avacyn"
I love this card. The first +1 is kind of okay, but this card's real strength lies in the Angelic Blessing every turn. The buff and the evasion make your big threat (a Meglonoth for example) into an even bigger threat. The ult is also really nice, but you might not have to use it after 4 turns of punching your opponent in the face for a lot of damage.

Pros: A great +1 and ult
Cons: Mediocre other +1
Rating: 4.5/5

Elspeth Tirel aka "Elspeth, the Reckoner"
Again, another great card. The +2 is a weaker Festival of Trokin, but it's still great for the +2 loyalty. The -2 of Even the Odds is also really nice since it can, well, even the odds. The ult is beautiful weapon for white weenie decks or just to reset the board. If your opponent has played a lot of creatures you can reset the board and then use a combination of the +2 and -2 abilities to both get a lot of creatures for free and gain a fair bit of life. This card is a little expensive, but since it is a free boardwipe with impressive abilities, it's a just cost.

Pros: Potential for a lot of lifegain, ult on turn 2, boardwipe, creature generation
Cons: Expensive, +2 is pointless without creatures
Rating: 4/5

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