Saturday, 8 December 2012


Chandra NalaarChandra AblazeChandra, the Firebrand
Since I covered Jace first, I might as well cover the planeswalker he first fought: Chandra. 

Chandra Nalaar aka "Pokey Chandra"
I think this version of Chandra is the weakest. The +1 and the -X abilities are both restricted to what they can target. The -8 is really nice though. This version also seems too expensive for what it does.

Pros: Really nice ult
Cons: Expensive, underwhelming +1, restricted abilities
Rating: 2/5

Chandra Ablaze aka "Crazy Chandra"
This is my favourite version of Chandra, mainly because all of the abilities work with each other (sort of). The +1 can let you set up for a really nice ult and the -2 puts everyone on the same playing field as well as putting things in your graveyard for her ult. This version is also expensive, but I personally think it's worth it since it can do a lot of damage quite quickly.

Pros: Abilities synergize really well
Cons: Discard to function, a little expensive
Rating: 3.5/5 

Chandra, the Firebrand aka "Sorceress Chandra"
The most recent version of Chandra seems to be an attempt to blend the first 2 versions of Chandra into one. They revised the +1 from Pokey Chandra and actually made it worth using and the -2 has been changed from a pseudo-Incendiary Command to a slower Reverberate. The Infernoish effect for an ult is also very nice. I find it strange that this is the only Chandra whose ult can't be activated after 2 turns like the other two. All in all, this Chandra fits right in-between the other two; not that great, but not that bad either.

Pros: Reverberate and Lava Dart on a stick, cheap
Cons: Slow ult
Rating: 3/5

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