Saturday, 29 September 2012

Giant Trap Door Spider

Giant Trap Door Spider
Green and red creature exile?! It exists?! Alright, alright, maybe I'm over-exaggerating things a little bit. Cards like Disintegrate and Red Sun's Zenith exist in red, but there's only 2 other creature removal cards in green (Treva's Charm and Whippoorwill being the other 2). This card is really good for that reason. If you're making a red/green deck (say a Stonebrow EDH), you're going to find yourself lacking a lot of good creature removal. This card was evidently popular since Wizards reprinted this card in Invasion under the name Hunting Kavu. However, it's not the greatest creature removal in the game. The creature does have to be attacking you and it has to be walking along the ground for it to be targeted. Also, this card has to be able to tap which means it has to be around for at least a turn to go off. Still, considering this is one of green's 3 removal cards, it's pretty not bad.

Pros: Green creature removal
Cons: Conditional removal, 1 turn warm-up
Rating: 3/5 

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