Thursday, 6 September 2012

Anti-Landwalk Enchantments

UndertowGreat WallDeadfallCrevasseQuagmire
These cards have the potential to be really good, but there's one problem: in all of Magic, there are only 34 creatures with islandwalk,  4 with plainswalk,  33 with forestwalk, 20 with mountainwalk, and 44 with swampwalk (including creatures that have to pay to get it). So, these cards doesn't do much. That's really all I can say about these things. That's all that can be said about them.

Pros: Allows creatures that couldn't be normally blocked to be blocked
Cons: There aren't many creatures that are affected (135 combined)
Rating: 1/5 (because the forestwalk and swampwalk nullification can be useful in really limited situations)

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