Friday, 27 June 2014

Spoiler Tyme: Jace, the Living Guildpact

I've done a couple of these before, but I think it's high time to make it a "thing" On Spoiler Tyme, I'll look at an officially released spoiler and give you my predictions as to its quality and other such things. All card images will be taken from

There's a comment on a forum that sums up my feelings towards this card quite nicely:
"Holy crap! WotC took the nerf bat to Jace and apparently beat him half to death with it."

Coming in with 5 loyalty is cool and all, but it still takes 3 turns to charge up to ult. What do you have to do to charge? Mill yourself without gaining card advantage. Some people are predicting that his "pseudo-scry"means more graveyard love, but I see his "crying" as having a potential to hurt his owner more than than not. His -3 is an overcosted Disperse. The major thing that people are touting as this card's "saving grace" is his ult because "it wins games". So? Most planeswalkers ults will win you the game. That's what they're there for. Just because the ult wins the game doesn't redeem the whole walker.

I'm sure this will find a place in Standard (all Jaces do), but I think this is the weakest Jace and by far the weakest blue walker in Magic. I just hope this is the last Jace for a while (I know I'm wrong, but I can hope).

Pros: Comes in with 5 loyalty
Cons: +1 forces you to mill, expensive Disperse
Rating: 2/5

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