Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Congregation at Dawn

Congregation at Dawn

"It is fitting that we meet in the first hour of light, for we are called by the Conclave to pierce a threat of darkness."
"Yeah Greg, your mohawk is catching on with the initiates. No one will take us seriously if all our members have them!"

Bad comedy aside, this card is pretty great. You have to have a really good effect to warrant a 3 CMC card with only colour requirements and this fits the bill quite nicely. At worst it's an expensive Worldly Tutor and at best it's three Worldly Tutors in one. This is always a great play to make just before you cast Genesis Wave or Ã†thermage's Touch to ensure a good result. The only issue is that your opponents know what you're drawing, which may put you at a disadvantage because they'll know what they need to counter and what you might be up to.

Pros: Stacks your deck
Cons: Gives your opponents information
Rating: 4/5

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