Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A few quickies

Today, to make up for my lack of recent posts (yay working 8 days in a row), I'm going to shoot off a bunch of quick, little reviews. Mainly, these will be some of the ones I can't really stretch into a full paragraph.

Steam Blast
Steam Blast
It's a Pyroclasm for one more that hits players. Not bad, but I'd prefer to be faster than to hit players, since my creatures won't have many blockers early game with a properly-timed Pyroclasm.

Pros: Hits everything for 2
Cons: Hits caster, not much added value over Pyroclasm
Rating: 2.5/5

Equal Treatment
Equal Treatment
This can stop things like Blasphemous Act dead in its tracks, but it's really too situational to putting it in a deck. Yeah, it can reduce the damage taken in combat, but a) it reduces the damage your blockers deal too and b) run Fog instead. I guess it could be used with tokens to deal more damage, but there are much, much more effective ways of doing that. In my opinion, run Divine Presence instead in Constructed.

Pros: Stops massive burn spells, card draw
Cons: Fairly situational, double-edged sword
Rating: 1.5/5

Sylvan Yeti
Sylvan Yeti
A less vulnerable Maro. Wish this had evasion. Still, not a terrible 4-drop.

Pros: Less vulnerable Maro
Cons: No evasion
Rating: 2/5

Peace Talks
Peace Talks
Great card if you can cast it in response to a Time Stretch or on someone else's turn in a multiplayer game. Even if you can't, this can be a really useful card as a last cast in your turn, despite the fact that it may prevent you from dealing with problems that arise on the next turn.

Pros: Protects everything for two turns
Cons: Could prevent you from dealing with problems
Rating: 3.5/5

Pardic Lancer
Pardic Lancer
This isn't bad enough to make fun of, but it's still bad. It's that special kind of bad that makes you sad that it exists.

Pros: Potential to get first strike and +1/+0
Cons: Discard at random for ability, 3/2 for 5
Rating: 0.5/5

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