Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Shattered Crypt

Shattered Crypt
This one’s going to be fairly short because I really don’t like this card. Yes, it can return more than one creature to your hand but there are two problems with this card. First, if you’re going for a low number of creatures, this card is not worth it. For example, in the case of wanting to return one creature to your hand, this card costs triple the cost of a Disentomb along with losing a life which just isn’t worth it. For multiple creatures, it becomes a mana- and life-sink. Finally, if you’re going for more than 4 creatures, you might as well just go with a Twilight's Call. Yeah, it give your opponents their creatures back too, but if you’re in a situation where you need 4+ creatures back, you’ve got to be ready to gamble with that fact.

Pros: Can return multiple creatures to your hand
Cons: Expensive (mana- and life-wise), inefficient for large or small numbers

Rating: 1/5

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