Saturday, 24 November 2012

Thicket Elemental

Thicket Elemental
You'd think thickets would be less threatening, but not this guy! If it was just a 4/4 vanilla for 5, this card would be terrible, but luckily it has that large chunk of text attached to it. It's kind of like Gamekeeper, only better since it doesn't put the revealed cards into the battlefield. In a well constructed deck, this guy will probably bring along either his friend from work Progenitus or his acquaintance Iona, Shield of Emeria. Now, while it's effect is awesome, it does have some drawbacks. Instead of bringing along a cool friend, some mana dork like a Llanowar Elves might get in the way and ruin the party. It also doesn't have any evasion at all, but it doesn't really need it since it does its job by showing up. For 7 mana, you can't really get a much better deal for getting creatures (except for Hunting Pack and Protean Hulk)

Pros: Brings a friends, doesn't put cards in your graveyard
Cons: Might bring a lame friend, no evasion
Rating: 3/5

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