Monday, 5 November 2012

Spy Network

Spy Network
I'm honestly surprised I don't see this card played a lot more. It's a Glasses of UrzaMerfolk Observer, a weaker Index, and a cheaper Aven Soulgazer. It gives you a bunch of power over your opponent since you know what they have in their hand, what they;re going to draw, and anything that they're hiding (if anything). It also lets you stack your deck a little bit with that mini-Index. There's really not much that's bad about this except that you only really get the full benefit if your opponent is playing with Morph card and most of the time the only morph card you'll see is Willbender.

Pros: Lets you see a lot of your opponent's secrets
Cons: Only works at 100% efficiency if your opponent has Morph creatures
Rating: 5/5

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