Friday, 16 November 2012


People don't really see the troll potential in this card (see what I did there?). Your opponent has an Increasing Confusion in their graveyard? Boop! It's on the bottom of their library. Do you have an Idyllic Tutor in your hand but your Eldrazi Conscription is on the top of your graveyard? Shwoop! Now it's searchable.  It also helps that this card is pretty big (it's out of Explosive Impact range) and it's colorless, so it can be run in every deck. It tucks a lot of big reanimator and recursion targets too making it really multipurpose. The only problem is that that is it's only real use. If your opponent has no recursion or anything that relies on graveyards, this card will only help you against milling yourself out slowly, which still isn't bad.

Pros: Colourless graveyard hate/recursion, big 'n' beefy
Cons: Only graveyard hate/recursion, only targets 1 card
Rating: 3/5

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