Monday, 3 November 2014

Loathsome Catoblepas

Loathsome Catoblepas

Loathsome is definitely the right word to describe this thing. To start, it's a 3/3 for 6. Already, we're off to a terrible start and it only goes downhill from there. Next, it's got an okay ability ("okay" being relative to every other ability ever printed in Magic) but you have to pay for it, which isn't great. Finally, it has Ichor Slick as a death trigger, which is pretty good. However, to ensure that that Ichor Slick triggers, you have to pay 7BG and even then it might just get a gribbly thrown in front of it. Even for a common, this thing is bad. The only thing that saves it from complete rejection however, is that Ichor Slick. If you can sack this yourself at a key moment, you might find a use for it. Otherwise, disregard entirely.

Pros: Ichor Slick on death
Cons: 3/3 for 6, ability requires mana
Rating: 0.5/5

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