Thursday, 20 February 2014

Kamahl's Sledge

Kamahl's Sledge
Let's sing a little song. It's called "How to Make A Burn Spell". Here we go!

Make sure the cost ain't too high // Or else you're probably gonna die
This "burn" spell costs way too much for a burn spell. The point of burn is that it's cheap and fast and this is neither. Someone pointed out on the Gatherer comments that it's "8 damage for 7" if you have threshold. As someone else pointed out on those same comments: "I'd rather run Lash Out".

It's gotta be real real fast // To make sure you're not last
As I just said, burn spells have to be cheap and fast. Sorcery-speed burn has to be really good to run because you're losing your speed advantage. Cards like Pillar of Flame and Anger of the Gods are good examples because they get rid of the creature(s) permanently or Pyroclasm because it does a relatively large amount of damage for its cost. This is too slow and does too little.

Targeting only creatures is okay // But creatures might not be alive all day
Some cards, like Flame Slash, can get away with targeting only creatures because it's quick (early game) and does a lot of damage. But, if your burn deck is running properly, there shouldn't be many creatures around for very long, so you'll run out of targets for your creature-only spells. Burn spells, in my opinion, should usually have a choice between gribbly and man for targets.

Follow these steps to give your card an edge // If you don't you might get Kamahl's Sledge
I like this song.

Pros: Does damage to a creature and maybe a player
Cons: Costs 7 for 4 damage to a creature without threshold, sorcery-speed
Rating: 0/5

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