Monday, 24 June 2013

The Next Post

So, it'll be a while (about a week) for my next post. Why? It's my 200th post! Well, technically this is my 200th post and the next one will be my 201st, but I won't count this one. Why? Because this one has a Yu-Gi-Oh card in it:
I don't play Yu-Gi-Oh, but this card's presence invalidates this as an actual post since it has negates the mention of Magic as per the formula:

Iff (X+Xc)+(-1(Y+Yc)) ≤ 0, Post doesn't count 

where X is equal to the number of times Magic is mentioned, Y is the number of times Yu-Gi-Oh is mentioned, Xc is equal to the number of Magic cards shown and Yc is the number of Yu-Gi-Oh cards shown.

See? It's science!

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