Monday, 3 June 2013

Artist: Christopher Moeller

While not a "famous" artist like Pete Venters or Wayne Reynolds, you'll recognize Christopher Moeller's art. He's done a lot of work for a lot of cards, a few of which are staples in certain decks.

Best Art: Sphere of Reason
Sphere of Reason
Honestly, I had a hard time picking just  one of the cards from this set since they're all beautiful. However, I decided to pick this card since the water effects on this card are just really striking. Water is probably the hardest element to get right in art and Christopher nailed it in this piece, capturing the feeling of a torrent of water crashing against an indestructible wall. It just looks great.

Worst Art: Blackmail
Did Braids get drunk before getting swindled? The face is what sinks this piece for me. It just looks too goofy to be taken seriously. That's about all I have to say about it. The rest of the art is nice, it's just that face. That face...

Most Interesting Art: Cloudthresher
I summon... a squidy-thingy? The Elementals in Lorwyn really allowed artists to explore their creative side and I think this is one of the more creative results. The best part of this for me is that this card has flash. Just imagine this thing suddenly appearing in the middle of an empty field!

I'll admit I didn't know Christopher Moeller's name before now but I'm glad I do now. I hope he keeps making art for Magic for many years to come.

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