Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Perilous Research

Perilous Research
Scientist: "Hey Sad Robot, do you want to help with my experiment?"
Sad Robot: "...Okay"
Scientist: "Good! Now, can you reach over and hand me that test tube?"
Sad Robot: "I guess..."
Scientist: "Huh. I guess robots aren't immune to golf clubs..."

This card is pretty great. It's draw two at instant speed! Sure, you have to sacrifice a permanent to do it afterwards, but that probably won't be a problem for blue. Blue has a lot of cards that only have ETB triggers (such as Sage of Epityr or Augur of Bolas) and thus have served their purpose by the time you sacrifice them. If you're worried about not having a blocker, use the counter magic you just drew to prevent the thing from being summoned in the first place. Actually, you could probably build a nice deck around cards like this...

Pros: Draw 2 at instant speed for 2
Cons: Sacking a permanent
Rating: 4/5

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