Friday, 13 February 2015

Foresight/Manipulate Fate

ForesightManipulate Fate

Both of these cards probably look pretty bad. "Why would I want to exile three cards from my library and only get one in return?" I hear you cry in classic internet rage, but these cards are actually pretty good Game 1 cards. Think about it this way: how many times have you played an FNM match where you've drawn a completely dead card, either because your opponent is running the wrong kind of deck (ie: drawing a removal spell against a hexproof deck) or because you're running a combo deck and you didn't draw your last piece? It doesn't seem like my, but these cards both improve your chances of drawing something you need by taking out the chaff that you don't want. At the very least, you can use them to remove lands from your deck once you've got your land base set up. I say they're "Game 1" cards because I think they're good to have in the first game before you sideboard them out once you know what your opponent is playing.

Pros: Allows for deck tuning on the fly
Cons: Slow trip, sorcery speed
Rating: 3/5

Manipulate Fate
Pros: Allows for deck tuning on the fly, cantrip
Cons: Sorcery speed
Rating: 3.5/5

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