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Fate Reforged Spoiler Tyme

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So, the end of spoiler season has arrived and I guess it's time to talk about my favourite and least favourite new cards. Because I've got a lot of favourites and not favourites, I'm restricting myself to 1 of each rarity.

Favourite Common: Temur Battle Rage

Yeah. This card is amazing. Instant-speed double strike? That's really powerful. Instant-speed double strike AND trample? Sweet Baby Jace, that's just... wow. I think this might see Standard play in aggro decks as a finisher. I doubt it'll see play anywhere else, but man this is a good card.

Least Favourite Common: Smoldering Efreet

*sigh* Red will never get a good bear will they? At least this one doesn't have to attack every turn like a lot of the other ones.

Favourite Uncommon: Dark Deal

This is my favourite uncommon for one reason: I think it'll see Legacy play in 8-Rack (and possibly more decks). Wheeling an opponent's hand can really tilt an opponent, especially if they are about to go off next turn. Even as a topdeck, this card is great because you're not losing any cards. Even if you are losing cards, you can use this to get cards you might actually want.

Least Favourite Uncommon: Reality Shift

Blue didn't need a Path to Exile. People keep telling me that it's not that good since Pongify sees no play, but there are a couple of minor differences that make this better. First, it gives them a bear instead of a 3/3. Second, that bear might be a key spell that your opponent will no longer have access to. Imagine using this in response to someone trying to draw a card with Sensei's Diving Top. Either they'll have to tuck that card further down in response, or lose that card as a bear. Finally, it exiles instead of destroying. In environments like Standard where Whip of Erebos exists and Legacy where tons of reanimation exists (along with Delve on both sides), exiling a creature is really relevant. Control is going to get a lot stronger when this card gets out.

Favourite Rare: Supplant Form

I just love this card to death (and the Game Day art). Bounce and Clone token at Instant-speed is pretty powerful. I doubt it'll see non-EDH play, but it'll still be fun to see played.

Least Favourite Rare: Crucible of the Spirit Dragon

Anyone who has been following spoiler season this year knew this was coming. It card is just so disappointing. I wasn't expecting a new Cavern of Souls or anything, but not this. I really wish it had "X, Tap: Add X mana in any combination of colours to your mana pool. Spend this mana only to cast Dragon spells or activate abilities of Dragons." instead. With that text, you still get same basic effect, except it doesn't take a billion turns to charge up. 

Favourite Mythic: Soulfire Grand Master

Every part of this card is great. Lifelink bear? Great. Smaller Tamanoa effect? Great. Instant/sorcery recursion? Great. I see this being especially effective with Stoke the Flames since you can both tap creatures and pay its cost to recur the spell repeatedly. 

Least Favourite Mythic: Monastery Mentor

This card is great, but I think it's being overhyped and that's why it's my least favourite mythic. I don't think this will see as much play as people think. It costs 3, and that's a little too much for burn decks to play. Yes, Goblin Rabblemaster also costs 3 and it sees tons of play, but that card does something on the first turn it's out and without any other spells being needed. This card needs you to be able to cast another spell on the same turn for it to be more than just a Raging Bull, which effectively raises its CMC to 4 or 5. I also don't think it'll see that much play in Jeskai Ascendancy decks either, as 3 mana seems to be a lot to pay for a finisher, especially considering that that deck can win on turn 2. I think this will be a card that makes early adopters sad that they paid $20+ for this card on launch. I might be wrong, but that's what I really think.

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