Thursday, 18 September 2014

Viscerid Drone

Viscerid Drone

Nope. A big bucket o' nope. You are two-for-one-ing every time you use this card. If it was just sacking a creature it would be much better since there are decks out there that like sack outlets, but this forces you to sack both a creature and a land. Normally, I might be a bit more lenient towards this since mono-blue creature kill is extremely rare, but since you need to toss a Swamp, it means you're running black and therefore more options for kill spells and abilities. Not worth it in any fashion, at least not on its own. Maybe with a Crucible of Worlds, but even then, there are better things to use your Crucible with.

Pros: Blue creature kill
Cons: Requires land and creature sack
Rating: 1/5 

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