Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Volition Reins

Volition Reins
Eh... no. I don't really like this card. Yes, it takes any permanent and untaps it, but it costs 6 and a hell of a lot of blue. You know what I'd run instead of this? Take Possession or Blatant Thievery. Take Possession is one more mana, but it's less colour-intensive and can't be countered (although it doesn't untap the permanent, but considering activated abilities can't be activated...) and Blatant Thievery takes something from everyone for one more who's control effect can't be ended with an Allay. This is just subpar for me. It either shouldn't be so colour intensive or it should do more than grab and Twiddle a permanent. Also, Confiscate exists.

Pros: Grabs and Twiddles a permanent
Cons: Very colour-intensive, only takes one thing
Rating: 2/5

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