Sunday, 28 July 2013

Forgotten Lore

Forgotten Lore
Many of you newer players may remember this card better as Shrouded Lore. I like the fact that they decided to time-shift this card because it's not all that bad. Late game, it's almost worthless, but in the early stages of the game it's great. Green can get a lot of different things back from its graveyard and, in fact, aside from this card, there are 13 other "universal" return cards (they can bring back anything without restriction). However, a lot of those cards have their own issues, be it they cost a lot (Elven Cache is 4, Restock is 5, Woodland Guidance is 4), they are not repeatable (Nostalgic Dreams, Restock), they don`t put the card into your hand (False MourningReclaimSalvage), or they have a ridiculous requirement (ReapHolistic Wisdom). Now, I`m not saying this card is perfect, but in a situation where you only have, say, 2 cards in your graveyard, this becomes a Regrowth. Again, this card later in the game becomes pretty bad since your graveyard is going to grow larger than what you`re willing to pay if you`re looking for a specific card. If you`re looking for one of 4 or 5 different cards in your graveyard, this can still be pretty good because your opponent will have to pick one of those cards eventually. Still, it`s power mostly lies in the early game.

Pros: Universal return, really good early game
Cons: Pretty useless late game for grabbing specific cards
Rating: 3.5/5

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