Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Mongrel Pack

Mongrel Pack
I'm not entirely sold on this card. Yeah, it splits apart into 4 creatures when it dies but only if it during in combat, and that's what is keeping me from being sold on it. But, I guess that means your opponent will have to waste some removal on it in order to prevent this or block it with a wall. Either way, it puts your opponent at a disadvantage. And I guess it is cheaper than Symbiotic Beast, which does the same thing only without the combat restriction. I suppose you could Fling this at someone during combat (since it doesn't have to be involved in the combat when it dies). You know, I'm not too sure why I didn't like this card to start. It either draws removal (saving your bigger things), gets through in combat, or breaks apart into 4 gribblies. It's kind of a great diversionary card (screw you, "Master" Decoy).

Pros: Draws removal, breaks apart in combat
Cons: Only breaks apart in combat
Rating: 3.5/5

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